Nice to meet you. I'm Bilal.

My passion is to help build the future I wish to see.

I use technology to bring order and predictability to my life, which in turn allows me to have greater productivity and peace of mind. I have been fortunate to be able to help people and brands do the same.

I learned basic coding skills at a young age. I built simple programs using BASIC to help solve my math homework fast, and I learned how to present information on the web using HTML. These two skills would become the bedrock to my quest of self-discovery and growth as a professional.

I have since continuously evolved my skillset, by taking a first principles approach and breaking down complex systems into discrete parts. This has enabled me to stitch together systems and experiences that get out of the way and are delightful to use.

I currently practice my craft at Deutsch LA as SVP, Technology Director, where I have produced world-class solutions for brands like Volkswagen, Letgo, Siemens, Almond Board of California, Foster Farms, Keurig Dr Pepper, and our own.

I see challenges as opportunities and I help people and brands in the quest of conquering the next horizon.